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In guide, Harry, Hermione and Ron see St Mungo’s to see Arthur Weasley after the serpent strike, at the same time running into their old DADA teacher from publication 2, Gilderoy Lockhart, that is a title client there after the backfired Memory Beauty. The truth Arthur was at St Mungo’s whatsoever is glossed over in the film. Harry’s spending the Christmas vacations at Grimmauld Area is trimmed; Snape satisfies him there to inform him about his upcoming Occlumency lessons. In the movie, St Mungo’s is avoided completely, therefore the Occlumency lessons commence right away when it’s clear Harry is seeing into Voldemort’s mind.

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Harry has a lot much more lessons with Snape than are shown, and also is tossed out of title them due to the fact that he purposely checked out Snape’s memories in the Pensieve, not due to the fact that he saw them by crash using the Guard Charm to rebound the Legilimens Charm (though that does happen). The OWL testing is hinted at in the motion pictures, yet there’s a lot more in the books; all the useful spellcasting consisting of one more Patronus shot right at Umbridge, Harry passing out and also seeing Sirius tortured throughout his Background of Magic test, seeing Hagrid assaulted during Astronomy; all left out.

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