Colorado Hockey Skates T Shirt


Colorado Hockey Skates T Shirt

So when we walked to school with a bruise or two we just kind of smiled and put up a Colorado Hockey Skates T Shirt , pretending everything’s ok. It didn’t matter where we’d gotten the marks, we’d say to our friends don’t worry about it. Probably got it falling. Cuz why put them through that kind of pain, the kind of sympathy and pity we’d receive if they knew? We didn’t want that. We didn’t want you to know what was really going on, even if we thought we did. This was, out of everything, my biggest issue with TheBeast. A lot of children are silent victims. Hell maybe she did have shitty parents. Maybe it was how she coped, re-telling that part of her life to anyone who would listen. I personally think she was full of shit, in that regard. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I’m jaded in my experiences and from the experiences of those who put their trust in me.

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Colorado Hockey Skates T Shirt
Colorado Hockey Skates T

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