Snoopy and Charlie Brown Los Angeles Dodgers happy Halloween shirt

There’s a scene missing from all versions, and has only shown up as an extra . We never see anyone go to Henry the Red to ask him for help, yet he suddenly turns up with his army to give a hand. A scene is missing where Arthur refuses to go see him. Ash goes himself, and Henry turns him down, not wishing to help his enemy. Ash tries to point out, if Arthur and his men are defeated and the Deadites get hold of the Necronomicon, it won’t be long until they turn their attentions to Henry.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Los Angeles Dodgers happy Halloween shirt(Snoopy and Charlie Brown Los Angeles Dodgers happy Halloween shirt)
Notice how Golic (Paul McGann) suddenly disappears from the   . He had begun to slip into total insanity, he was suspected of killing two of his fellow prisoners, he was restrained in the infirmary, we didn’t see the alien take him out when it chomped on the doctor. They cut out a whole subplot in which Golic is freed by a sympathetic Morse, but turns on the prisoners. Ripley’s plan to trap the alien actually succeeds, at the cost of a few lives, despite things blowing up. Golic kills a prisoner keeping guard on the where the alien has been sealed off, and frees the alien – which kills him, and is now on the loose again. This all happens between the time where the alien shows up as they’re setting up a trap and everything starts exploding, to the part where “88” is shouting “f!cking great!” His exclamation in this scene is due to the monster being on the loose again, and his anger at Morse for letting Golic loose, which is why they’re getting into each others’ faces.

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